A family owned and operated business

Founded in late 2017, Sugartree Vermont, LLC.  It is a new family operated small business in Vermont. Sugartree is owned by a young woman named Courtney McGough. It is operated by Courtney and her husband Evan, both native Vermonter’s.

Both Courtney and Evan’s background are in the human services world, and they are very excited for this business endeavor. They enjoy camping and other outdoor adventures. They have two dogs, a 3 lb chihuahua named Pine Avery and an 80 lb boxer named Darnell (although Pine Avery believes she is the bigger one of the two), and a kitty named Thad. In March 2018, the two parents just welcomed their sugarbaby, Anastasia Bleu, into this world and could not be more thrilled! They are excited for The Soule House to be an important part of Anastasia's childhood.

Sugartree is leasing to own The Soule House, which is currently owned by Sandy Mayotte of High Hills, LLC. Ms. Mayotte, a native Vermonter and business executive in Franklin County, believes strongly in investing in and supporting young women so they become their most successful selves. She has been mentoring Courtney since Courtney was a sophomore in high school.

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