Now that the 4th of July has come and gone this year, some people are starting to think about their upcoming “leaf peeping” adventures in New England.  I may be a bit biased as a native Vermonter, but I believe that Vermont definitely is the best location for fall foliage. Known as the Green Mountain State because our mountains are covered with trees.  These trees are plush green throughout spring and summer, and then offer a beautiful canvas for the fall colors to be plastered all over during autumn. Growing up as a child here, I never understood what a true gift it was to be able to witness nature painting our mountains with reds, oranges and yellows each year.   

Ample resources go into trying to predict when peak foliage season (aka when the most vibrant colors will be present and before the leaves have fallen from the trees) will take place in different parts of New England.  It is believed that the best time to plan travel to Northern Vermont, where Sugartree Vermont is located, this year will be late September through the first two weeks in October. If you are looking for a place to stay during this time, please keep our beautiful historic vacation rental known as The Soule House, in mind.  We have two fall weddings booked in our rustic wedding and event barn, but still have pockets of availability during the predicted peak foliage season. I can’t think of overnight accommodations that could be any more fitting for travelers during this extra special time in Vermont.

There are thousands of books and maps for sale, and endless resources online making recommendations to those seeking ‘the best’ roads and routes to travel to view the foliage.  Truth be told, almost anywhere you drive in the state of Vermont during this colorful season is going to offer breathtaking views. Honestly, my personal recommendation is to just hop in a vehicle and drive around on some country roads.  Not only will you be absolutely amazed, you will also avoid a lot of the “leaf peeper traffic” in the most well known places. Although as a Type A person who likes to plan I may have a tough time just doing this in a place that is not very familiar to me.  So in recognition of this, I am going to share specific information on two hidden foliage gems near Sugartree Vermont and my favorite popular one as well.

Two Hidden Fall Foliage Gems:

  1. Take a left out of the driveway at Sugartree Vermont.  Follow North Road, which turns into Main Street when you arrive in Sheldon.  Drive until you arrive at the intersection of 105.
    • If you are feeling adventurous drive in any direction your heart desires.  You are bound to hit beautiful view after beautiful view.
    • If you need a plan, take a right to Lake Carmi.  Follow 105 for 4.8 miles and then VT-236. Follow signs to the state park and drive around and enjoy.
    • Either way when you return to Sugartree Vermont, if you are returning the same way you adventured out, take a left onto Pond Road.  Travel down this road until you arrive at Fairfield Pond and drive around. It is beautiful.
  2. Take a little adventure to Metcalf Pond.  Just 25 minutes away. This is where I grew up.  It is one of my most favorite places in the world.  It is a true hidden gem. A great place for swimming in the warmer months, and a great place to stop and check out the foliage in the fall.  
    • Take a right out of the driveway at Sugartree Vermont.  Go straight through the blinking light onto Fairfield Road.  Follow Fairfield Road for 5.9 miles and take a left onto North Road in Fletcher.  Follow North Road until you reach a fork in the road and take a left onto Pond Road.  One half mile down the road stay to your right at the intersection to stay on Pond Road.  Metcalf Pond will be on your left at the bottom of the large hill. Park at the little pull off and walk around to enjoy the view.
    • On your way back, when back on Fairfield Road, keep your eyes out for Rugg Road in Fletcher.  It will be on your left. Travel down the first part of this road to enjoy some incredible views, then turn around and take a left back onto Fairfield Road to continue back to Sugartree Vermont.

My Favorite Popular Location for Foliage Viewing:

  1. The Notch at Smuggler’s Notch.  Only about a 30 minute drive. One of the most popular places to travel through during foliage season.  Wonderful hiking trails nearby and lots of fun family activities at Smuggler’s Notch Resort all year round.  
    • To get there, take a right out of the driveway at Sugartree Vermont.  Take a left at the blinking light onto VT Route 36 for 8 miles. Take a right on VT Route 108 for 10 miles.  At the traffic circle continue straight onto South VT Route 108. After 0.5 miles stay to the left to continue on South VT Route 108/Mill Street.  Follow this road for 5 miles to arrive at The Notch. Continue driving through the Notch to arrive in the beautiful town of Stowe.

We hope that you find these helpful and are always available to share more information on our beautiful favorites!  Here’s to a beautiful fall foliage season in Vermont, as always!

Leaf Peeping Tips by Native Vermonter

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