*Please note that we have been provided full permission from the wedding couple to post this publicly*

On this past Saturday, June 23rd, the first wedding event took place at Sugartree Vermont. A lovely couple we know, Wendy and Jim, had their wedding vow renewal celebration in our rustic event barn. It was such a lovely event full of wonderful people and a whole heck of a lot of love. Wendy and Jim are celebrating their 26th year of marriage together. It was such a lovely experience working with them and helping to support them in making their dream celebration a reality. Personally it was such a treat to get to spend this time with them, getting to know them better and being part of their special day. As a business owner, it was a wonderful learning experience. At Sugartree Vermont we are constantly striving to improve and make our guests’ experiences better and better.

Wendy and Jim are the type of people who have been putting the needs of others before themselves for a very long time. They are both kind and generous people with very big hearts. When they got married 26 years ago, they did not have the big wedding celebration that they dreamed of. They were thrilled when the opportunity presented itself for them to have their dream celebration and renew their vows in front of their family and friends.

They have had the honor of raising and homeschooling four incredible children whom are now adults. Their children along with their significant others, one holding Wendy and Jim’s grandson, awaited them at the end of the aisle on Saturday afternoon. Wendy wore a beautiful princess dress that she glowed in. Jim looked dashing in his purple tie. Seeing these two walk down the aisle together brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

Their vow renewal ceremony was facilitated by their children. Each of their children spoke about what their parents marriage has meant to them. Thank goodness there were tissues being passed around. All the attendees whom are parents, were secretly hoping that someday they will be lucky enough to have their child/ren say even ¼ of the beautiful sentiments that were expressed to Wendy and Jim highlighting what incredible parents they are. And all of the attendees were secretly jealous not to have parents just like these two. And the deep love between the couple was absolutely undeniable.

The vow renewal ceremony was not just a tear jerker, it was a tear streamer! And then came the reception. The food was great, the drinks were flowing, the music was grooving and the dancing feet were moving. Everything was going so smoothly for Sugartree’s first wedding event. I have to admit that there was a small part of me that was expecting at least a little something to go wrong, at least for our first wedding event. But, thankfully it didn’t. I am sure there is a little bit of luck to this.  I also know that it has a lot more to do with the fact that we are detail oriented, we put a lot of work into events, and we work closely with clients beforehand to help ensure that things go smoothly and without a glitch the day of.

Some of the takeaways I learned from our first wedding event:

  • Our event barn is even more spectacular and beautiful than I ever realized.  It is truly meant to be a space that brings people and community together to celebrate.
  • Adding a “comfort station” to our portalet area with complimentary toiletries for guests really jazzes up the area and guests really appreciate the thoughtfulness.
  • Having the vacation rental as part of event packages makes things easier on event guests and hosts.  It provides a beautiful and comfortable setting for getting ready, and serves as a great place for guests who are parents to sneak away and care for their little ones during events.
  • Even if clients choose not to have the vacation rental included in their event package, it will be important for us to provide tours of the house if guests express interest.  It is too beautiful and interesting not to check it out!
  • One of my next endeavors will be creating checklists and planning tools to have available on our website to help support clients in creating their special events.
  • Sterno burnors get super duper hot!
  • We need to offer gift certificates for people to buy if they would like to gift a stay at our beautiful historic vacation rental.  What a thoughtful, unique gift it would be!

Pictured Above: Portalet Comfort Station

It was a true gift to see Wendy and Jim, and all of their guests having such a wonderful time celebrating such a beautiful love. It makes me even more excited to be able to have this really incredible role in people’s special events, and also helps me to further understand the responsibility that comes with it as the owner of Sugartree Vermont. So rest assured that if you have your wedding or other event with us, or stay at our vacation rental, we understand the grand responsibility we have in helping to make your time at Sugartree Vermont a very positive one!

Our First Wedding Event!

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